Penis plastic surgery, penis enlargement surgery: prices, photos, reviews

penis extender after enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement plastic surgery is one of the most popular among all plastic surgeries.

More and more men come to a plastic surgeon with a single request: "Doctor, I want my fat! "

It can be said that the length of the penis is due to a natural necessity: since a person is an upright creature. The small pelvis in a woman is located so that the opening of the vagina faces downward and is between the legs. The uterus is located quite deep, which leads to an increase in the length of the vagina, and therefore an elongation of the penis.

By the way, in a male gorilla weighing 200 kilograms, the total length of an erect penis is barely four centimeters.

But anyway, the size of the penis remains a very special notion for a man. The length of the penis can change a man's behavior, increase or decrease his self-esteem and social status. Intimate plastic surgery can help a man in this area.

Penis enlargement methods:

  • surgical;
  • manual (gradual stretching of the penis with the help of special accessories);
  • psycho-visual (using hypnosis techniques).

How is penile plastic surgery performed?

Penis enlargement surgery consists of practically two parts:

  • thickening of the penis;
  • increase the length.

Plastic thickening of the penis

To increase the diameter, there is a special procedure that involves wrapping the penis with a fragment of its own skin with subcutaneous fatty tissue. Skin for surgery can be taken from the buttocks.

First, the "native" skin is removed from the penis. Then the penis is exposed and covered with a fragment of prepared living tissue. Then the penis is wrapped in its own skin. If the vessels of the skin fragments grow together, then everything will be fine.

Sometimes the muscle flap is transplanted with a bundle of its own blood vessels, which are sutured to the vasculature of the penis.

Plastic enlargement of the penis length

Doctors "pull" the extra length of the penis from the pelvic area.

The fact is that half of the total length of the cavernous bodies of the male penis is hidden in the tissues of the small pelvis.

Surgeons remove several inches of male flesh.

Plastic surgery on the penis is quite a complicated operation and can only be performed by well-trained specialists. Plastic penis enlargement should be performed (as plastic surgeons think) if a man has a noticeably pronounced micropenis, that is, the length of the penis is not more than three centimeters. In all other cases, the risk is considered unjustified.

You should know that a small penis increases significantly more when it is aroused than a "large" one.

The frenulum of the penis

penis growth after surgical augmentation

The frenulum of the penis is the junction of the foreskin with the head of the penis. If the plastic of the frenulum of the penis is not made in time, then during intercourse it can break.

Short frenulum is most often a congenital pathology that occurs quite often in humans.

During intercourse, the short frenulum stretches a lot, causing severe pain. In such a situation, intercourse is impossible.

Breaking the frenulum causes heavy bleeding that is very difficult to stop. As the wound heals, a rough scar appears on the skin of the penis. Frequent pathological impulses emanating from the scarred area contribute to spontaneous ejaculation.

Plastic surgery of the short frenum of the penis should be performed immediately after its detection.

The duration of the operation is approximately 15 minutes.

Plastic surgery of the short frenum of the penis is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

The duration of hospitalization does not exceed two hours.

Complete healing of the postoperative wound occurs within two weeks. During this period, it is necessary to refuse sexual intercourse.

Reviews for plastic surgery of the frenulum of the penis

  • Patient testimonial: "Recently, I decided to undergo plastic surgery for the short frenulum of the penis. The bridle was cut and sewn with cosmetic sutures. The head of the penis began to open much better, and the penis itself straightened out (it was once slightly twisted). However, before ejaculation, the penis swells so much that it can be opened its head becomes problematic. I don't want to do circumcision. "
  • Doctor response: "Young man! For your age, this is quite an ordinary problem that should be solved by constant training. Over time, the skin will stretch and everything will be fine. The main thing is to watch out for it. hygiene of the genitals and do everything with care. You can still have an operation, but it is a rather long and laborious process. Besides, do not forget that the doctors of today often treat their patientsdepending on the size of his wallet. And your unsuccessful plastic surgery is mainly associated with the poor qualifications of your doctors. Good luck! Be healthy! "