Vacuum cleaner and hydraulic pump for penis enlargement

The water pump for penis enlargement has recently become more and more popular. But why should you pay attention to it among penis enlargement methods? Unlike vacuum penis enlargers, devices that create a stretching force with hot water reduce the risk of edema and tissue swelling, as well as subcutaneous hemorrhage. As a result, the hydraulic pump looks from a more advantageous point of view. However, let's find out what to look for in order to achieve painless penis enlargement with maximum effect.

  • The principle of operation of a hydraulic pump
  • How to use correctly
  • Benefit and harm

Design features

A vacuum pump is a device that creates an area of negative pressure around the penis. Penis enlargement occurs due to the stretching of the cellular structures of the corpora cavernosa by excessive blood pressure. Classic penis pumps consist of the following:

  • plastic cylinder for the phallus;
  • pump for pumping air from the cylinder;
  • shut-off valve to restore normal pressure in the device.

The mechanical vacuum pump is equipped with a special bulb which is connected to the cylinder using a hollow tube. As the bulb is squeezed, air is pumped out of the bulb resulting in a decrease in atmospheric pressure in the device. Decompression is needed to increase blood flow, which literally stretches tissue that can fill with blood. Regular use of a vacuum pump allows you to enlarge your penis by 15-20% of its original size.

A vacuum pump is ineffective if a man develops vascular erectile dysfunction.

Types of pumping

Air is exhausted in two main ways:

  • manually - the man himself creates an empty space, repeatedly squeezing the pear;
  • electric pump - the pump runs on batteries. Upgraded models are equipped with a suction force regulator.

The penis is enlarged with a water-based vacuum device - a hydraulic pump. This method will increase the effectiveness of the technique and reduce the risk of injury.

The maximum discharge vacuum environment sucks in blood, which rushes through the veins, arteries and capillaries that enter the penis. At the same time, the vessels with low elasticity are straightened. This leads to a significant increase in size. The massage with the pump makes it possible to lengthen the penis several times.

Principle of operation

How does a penis enlargement pump work? Local decompression, created with the help of the device, significantly increases blood flow to the phallus. In this regard, tissue oxygenation and the ability of cells to divide are improved. Excessive blood pressure in the penis causes stretching of the tissue tunic which contains erectile tissue. The formation of additional space inside the penis stimulates the formation of new tissue elements. Pumping the penis helps to increase not only the length, but also the outer diameter of the genital organ.

Systematic use of vacuum therapy helps stabilize potency and improve erection.

You have to use a penis enlargement pump for a long time. The soft tissues of the penis undergo elastic deformation during an increase in blood pressure, so a single use of the device has only a temporary effect. To stimulate growth in cavernous years, it is advisable to use a vacuum pump at least once a day for several months. The course of physiotherapy is guaranteed to increase the penis in girth (diameter) and length by several centimeters.

penis enlargement pump

What kind of care does it require

The operating instructions contain recommendations on how to properly operate the pump. But the pump will have to be maintained in addition, carrying out a number of simple manipulations.

What do we have to do:

  • rinse with detergent and lukewarm water before each use;
  • treat the seal and the vial with a liquid antiseptic, they will come into contact with the skin of the penis and scrotum;
  • after use, rinse again with detergent and dry with a towel.

It is advisable to use a solution of Chlorhexidine or Furacilin as an antiseptic; you can also give preference to other drugs that do not contain alcohol in the composition. In addition, before using the pump, you should not apply various cosmetic creams containing petroleum jelly or petrolatum oil to the penis.

Characteristics of vacuum pumps

Before using pumps to enlarge the phallus, it is imperative to consult a urologist. It should be understood that a local increase in blood pressure can cause hemorrhage and darkening of the genital organ. In addition, in order to enlarge the penis, you need to buy a certain type of vacuum erector, which is sold only in a specialized store.

A basic vacuum penis pump creates relatively low negative pressure in the bulb. This means that it will not be possible to enlarge the penis with the help of a pump, which is sold in an intimate goods store. Such devices are best designed to improve erection before intercourse.

Men's medical pumps are equipped with sufficiently powerful manometers and electric pumps that quickly exhaust air from the cylinder. High-quality devices are equipped with a set of replaceable nozzles of different diameters, which are attached to the edge of the bottle. The silicone tips change as the diameter of the penis increases. In this way, it is possible to avoid the depressurization of the cylinder during the evacuation.

It should be understood that the penis enlargement medical pump should be used according to the instructions and precautions. Contact of the penis with a high vacuum leads to rupture of small capillaries and lymphatic congestion in the tissues. A side effect is a decrease in the sensitivity of the head of the penis, bruising and impaired erectile function.

How it works?

The effect of using a pump to enlarge the penis is achieved by the blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, which allows the organ to be enlarged. Single-use, this method has a short-term effect. However, if you use the device regularly, you can get great results. It is impossible to say unequivocally how much the pump increases the penis and whether it is realistic to increase the size of the organ in a week. However, while using the device, you can expect the following results.

  • The vacuum pump for penis enlargement allows you to straighten the penis even with severe curvature.
  • The vacuum for penis enlargement improves erectile function, in this area the pump shows the highest efficiency.
  • To increase erection, the pump can be used even by a healthy man.

The operation of the device is based on the fact that negative pressure is created inside it. Such a vacuum affects the vessels of the penis, resulting in blood flow and increased blood flow in the small pelvis. Because of this, the penis becomes hyperemic. As a result, the pleasurable sensations during intercourse are significantly improved, and the penis is gradually enlarged with the help of a pump.


Does the pump enlarge the penis? Regular and correct use of vacuum erectors promotes penis enlargement in any man capable of having an erection on his own. The desired effect is achieved within a few months of daily use of the pump. Unlike extenders, the vacuum pump is in great demand. According to andrologists, this is due to the practical absence of side reactions if the device is used correctly.

How many penis pumps to use to get the desired results? The penis after the pump almost immediately grows by 1 to 1. 5 cm. However, this effect is temporary, and in order to consolidate the result, you should use the device daily for at least 1 month. It is likely that not all men will be satisfied with the effectiveness of therapy. However, it is the vacuum erectors that are considered to be the safest penis enlargement devices.

Is it possible to restore an erection with a vacuum cleaner? Many experienced nupers and andrologists note that with the help of vacuum constriction therapy, it is possible to increase the elasticity of blood vessels and muscle tissue. As a result, the blood supply to the erectile tissue is greatly accelerated, causing the penis to "go up" during sexual arousal. In addition, the penis after the vacuum pump becomes more elastic and elastic, and with regular use of the medical device, its size increases.

How much does the pump enlarge the penis?

Pumping is not a basic magnification technique., it should only complement other penis enlargement methods. By using penis enlargement exercises and in addition to a pump, you can achieve true enlargement.

If you only use a pump, the thickening of the penis occurs instead, while the length is added slowly and insignificantly.

Initially, the pump was a preventive measure to weaken the power.. . . Strengthening an erection is only possible with proper and regular training.

Penis enlargement with a pump ensures a change in thickness, better circulation during sex, which will provide a more stable erection and increased elasticity of blood vessels.


How to properly use a vacuum erector? Before using the device, you must read the operating instructions. Despite the fact that the side effect of improper use of the device is temporary, in some cases poor circulation in the penis leads to a decrease in sensitivity of the head. The instructions for using the vacuum pump are as follows:

  • Apply a small amount of warming lubricant to the penis and silicone tip;
  • insert the phallus with a plastic cylinder and firmly press the silicone tip against the pubic bone;
  • use an electric pump or hand bulb to pump air from the device;
  • very soon the penis in the vacuum pump will turn slightly red and fill with blood;
  • after 1-2 minutes, open the shut-off valve slightly and slowly blow air into the cylinder.

The vacuum pump for men must be washed with soapy water after each intervention.

There is a special pump for the glans penis, which is designed to enlarge only a specific part of the penis. It works on the same principle as the classic vacuum erector. By using such a device, you can increase the sensitivity of the penis and thus improve the quality of sex life.

Side effects

Before using a vacuum pump, it is advisable to be examined by a urologist. Vacuum penis enlargement is categorically not recommended for men with acute infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Doctors warn that male potency may decrease if procedures are abused. Therefore, it is undesirable for men using vacuum erectors to engage in physical therapy for more than 20 minutes per day.

It is not recommended to use blood thinners during treatment with a vacuum constrictor, as this only increases the risk of subcutaneous bleeding.

It should be understood that the likelihood of adverse effects resulting from the use of medical devices is always there. Therefore, before using the pump, you should familiarize yourself with the list of possible side effects:

  • edema of the penis - if the penis swells sharply after the pump, this signals stagnation of lymph in the tissues, which appears due to a sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure in the vial during the procedure;
  • darkening of the skin is the result of hemorrhage in the subcutaneous layers of the genital organ; weakening of the erection - indicates the formation of scars inside the caverns, which often occurs with excessive enlargement and subsequent rupture of the microchambers;
  • the donut effect is a consequence of a violation of blood microcirculation in the head of the phallus, which is characterized by the appearance of seals on the surface of the enlarged penis.

Before using a vacuum pump to enlarge your penis, you should consult your doctor. It is possible to use special devices for the penis only in the absence of serious disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system. It should be understood that increasing the size of the penis with the help of a vacuum device is only possible in the absence of vascular erectile dysfunction.

How the pump works

Any man who wants to increase his male strength can use a vacuum pump. It helps to increase the blood supply to the genital area, which results in the following effects:

  • Increase the fullness of the corpora cavernosa- causes an increase in size. It usually gives a short term effect, which stops when the erection decreases. But with the systematic application and use of video instructions for a vacuum pump, you can consolidate the result with minimal risk of side effects. Correction of the shape of the penis is also achieved - its straightening.
  • Strengthening erectionis achieved by increasing the blood flow to the penile area. Using a vacuum pump in men helps restore a strong erection, which can last for a long time.
  • Improve blood supply, which occurs as a result of the development of artificial blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The stimulation of blood flow, which can be seen in the video showing how to use a vacuum pump for men, helps increase the transport of blood through the vessels and prevent circulatory disturbances. It is when the blood flow in the pelvic area is disturbed that diseases such as hemorrhoids and prostatitis develop.
  • Increased sensitivityaffected due to tissue hyperemia. It helps make sex more intense and orgasms stronger.

The use of the vacuum pump is based on alternating pressure. The device consists of a sealed tube and an air exhaust device.

Types of devices

There are several classifications of pumps. One has already been given above - for the presence of an erection ring at the base of the tube. In addition to this classification, vacuum pumps are also divided into types according to the type of control.

By type of control, a distinction is made between the following types of pumps:

The last type of pump appeared not so long ago, so there is very little information about it. Manufacturers of this type of device claim to guarantee complete safety compared to other methods, since the penis is protected by water from sudden changes in pressure and the associated risks.

types of vacuum pumps

The other types have been in use for a long time. A video instruction on how to use a vacuum pump shows exactly the pros and cons of each type.

Portable devices

This type of pump is equipped with a special bulb which pumps air out of the flask through a capillary. This results in a decrease in the pressure inside the penis, which stimulates increased blood flow to the penis. The result of the application is a rapid increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

manual penis enlargement pump

Using a vacuum penis pump helps strengthen an erection, but this type of device requires extreme caution as it is very easy to overdo it.

Pumping a large amount of air leads to the formation of side effects: bruises, bruises, bruises, decreased sensitivity.

Electrical appliances

One of the ways to enlarge the penis with a vacuum pump is through the use of electrical devices. They are softer than textbooks and are much easier to use. Man independently regulates the level of pumping air, which allows him to achieve a more pronounced effect and avoid side effects.

electric pump for penis enlargement

Such devices are more expensive than manual devices. The video on how to use a vacuum pump for penis enlargement shows different devices, but the principle of their operation is usually the same.

Disadvantages of a hydraulic pump

Despite all the advantages, there were a few drawbacks. These include:

  • high cost,
  • relatively small penis enlargement,
  • the need for regular use.

Hydraulic pumps are much more expensive than vacuum pumps. To obtain a stable result, the pump should be used for a long time and regularly. Not all modern men manage to carve out half an hour a day or at least every other day due to the fast pace of life. Irregular use of the pump will benefit your erection, but enlarging your penis will not help.

Another downside is the modest results. By purchasing a special device, a man hopes to completely solve the problem of penis size, but statistics indicate that after a year of using the pump, it is possible to add a penis that is only a few inches long.

Indications for use

Every man should know how to properly use a vacuum pump. This device not only helps in changing the size of the manhood. Using a vacuum pump after diseases of the organs of the reproductive system helps to increase blood flow and can speed up regeneration processes.

The main indications for the use of this device are:

  • weakening of an erection;
  • small penis size;
  • insufficiently vivid sensations during intercourse;
  • a sedentary lifestyle which results in stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.

Precautionary measures

Irrational use of hydraulic pumps in rare cases causes a temporary decrease in erectile function and sensitivity of the penis. To avoid negative consequences, the following rules should be taken into account when using a water pump:

  • do not use hydraulic pumps for inflammation of the urethrogenital canal;
  • to avoid injury and rupture of blood vessels, it is recommended to massage the phallus before the procedure;
  • before using the simulator, it is advisable to treat the ripple and the plastic bottle with an antiseptic or alcohol solution;
  • If the hydraulic pump is equipped with cyber leather corrugation, after the procedure, it should be washed with soapy water and treated with talcum powder.

To avoid darkening of the penis, it is not recommended to exercise for more than 15-20 minutes per day. Stagnation of blood in the cavernous bodies can cause severe pain and the appearance of bruising on the surface of the penis.

Contraindications for use

Stimulating blood circulation in the penile area is serious interference with the natural processes taking place in the male body.

Therefore, it is possible to use a vacuum pump on the penis only if there are no contraindications:

  • pathologies of inflammatory and non-inflammatory genesis affecting the foreskin;
  • inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) in the acute stage;
  • renal failure ;
  • Hepatic insufficiency;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • Diabetes;
  • hypovitaminosis, resulting in increased fragility of blood vessels.

Videos of using a vacuum pump for men usually include a list of possible side effects.

How to do a push-up at home

Men with skill and patience can make the device themselves. It is necessary to prepare the material:

  • a transparent cylindrical container - will act like a flask. When choosing, take into account the size of the penis;
  • hose - plastic or rubber;
  • a pear - part of a medical tonometer will do. You can replace it with a classic syringe with a volume of 5 m3;
  • Ring;
  • hot melt glue;
  • cutting tool.

Make a hole in the vial from the side of the lid. Insert the pipe 3 cm inwards. Seal the connection. Screw the pear. Put a protective rubber ring over the opening of the penis.

Inspect the device before use. Eliminate existing spaces with hot melt glue. Check functionality by creating the required pressure in the container.

Advantages of pumps

The video on how to use a vacuum penis pump shows the main advantages of these devices over other methods:

  • relatively few side effects;
  • lower cost;
  • ease of use;
  • increase the elasticity of the vessels of the reproductive organs;
  • strengthening of recovery processes in the genital area.

Instructions for use of vacuum pumps for men necessarily include general recommendations, compliance with which will help increase the efficiency of use:

  1. Spray the device with an antiseptic after purchase. Before using the vacuum pump, you should clean it from dust and bacteria.
  2. Be sure to use lubricant when following the vacuum pump operating instructions. Priority should be given to water-based lubricants. The oil base can damage and damage the device itself.
  3. After using the vacuum pump, it should be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap.
  4. To process the product before following the instructions of the penis enlargement pump, it is recommended to refrain from alcoholic components.
  5. To improve the contact with the skin when following the instructions of the penis vacuum pump, you need to get rid of the vegetation in the groin area. It will also help save lubricant.
  6. When you follow the instructions for a male vacuum pump, you don't need to apply lubricant to the scrotum area - this can make it easier to slip and cause it to suck into the pear.

Application guide

Before you begin to clarify how to correctly use a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to distinguish which device is used - water or regular. It is also important to make sure that there are no contraindications so that the use of this device does not have sad consequences.

Before using the device, you need to prepare the organ itself. To do this, it must be kept in hot water for a while - this will help the blood vessels to dilate. Subsequently, this measure reduces pain and helps achieve better results than without water. In order to increase elasticity, some men use the jelqing technique before using the device.

Knowing how to use a vacuum penis pump can save you the risk of injury. Most often, side effects occur in men who don't stick to the schedule or don't know exactly how to properly use a vacuum pump.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the safety rules followed during use - this will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. Men's vacuum pump video instructions help achieve life-threatening results.